Thanks for joining us in 2020

As the team prepare to take a couple of days holiday, we got the chance to reflect on a crazy year for everyone. When we launched My Auto Shop in January, we certainly didn’t predict how the last 12 months would unfold, however we’re really stoked to be able to ride the roller coaster with all of you.

A huge thanks to everyone who took a chance on our new business; our workshops who helped us learn the ropes and helped steer us in the right direction, our drivers who provided feedback and put customers first, and to all of you, who trusted us to take care of your cars. You’re all legends!

Here are a few fun stats from our first year in business:

We hope everyone has a safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Andy, Paul, Sasha and the rest of the team at My Auto Shop.

Is it a bird? A plane? Nope, just a Tesla Roadster.

Usually we see cars on our roads, but Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, had a very different idea. We’ve sent a lot of unusual things to space, but nothing compares to what Elon Musk achieved. In February 2018, SpaceX successfully launched its first Falcon Heavy rocket into space, the most powerful in the world, with Musk’s personal 2008 Tesla Roadster onboard. This playful payload, the electric sports car built by his other company, Tesla, is expected to orbit the sun for hundreds of millions of years. Wow! 

Even more surprising, strapped inside the car is a mannequin wearing one of SpaceX’s spacesuits. What’s even better, David Bowie’s Space Oddity is constantly playing. I mean, what a lucky mannequin!

Perhaps Elon had some other thoughts too. Surely, to search for distant garages in the galaxy to sign up to My Auto Shop was top of mind. We wouldn’t want the potential extraterrestrials forgotten about. No? 

Realistically though, since the launch a year ago, it’s probably safe to say the Roadster has travelled farther than any other car…ever. In fact, it’s estimated to be about equal to driving every single road in the world 50.7 times. Another wow! Despite the amazing mileage though, I’m sure a quick service and a WoF wouldn’t hurt from E.T’s garage on Mars. 

But where is the vehicle now? As of writing, the current location is 246,818,121 km from Earth, and is moving at 16.62 km/second! It exceeded its 57,000 km warranty, 31,000 times over on its journey so far. If you’re interested in seeing a visual – have a look at Where is Roadster?

It’s safe to say that if this car ever returns back to Earth, it’ll be in dire need of a service and a check up from one of our partner garages. I wonder which one Elon will choose around New Zealand. My guess is just as good as yours.

5 ideas to try while you’re stuck in traffic

Forget the road rage, we’ve got a few better options to help pass the time while stuck in traffic

After a month in lock down I almost forgot what it was like to be stuck in the infamous Auckland traffic. We replaced automotive traffic with foot traffic. Our biggest concerns became avoiding all other bubbles, it seemed there were more people walking on the roads than vehicles. As we move down alert levels unfortunately we’re going to be spending more time sitting behind the wheel again. In fact, the average commuter spends around 54 hours a year stuck in traffic! So, here’s a few ideas to help time fly faster when you’re feeling trapped:

  1. Call your friends, family or relatives – The world and situation we are in gets crazier everyday. Check up on your parents and your mates. Who knows this could become part of your daily routine. Make sure its hands free though. (Hint: “Hey Siri, call Mum”

  1. Listen to an audio-book or podcast – Want to be a CEO? Well the average CEO reads 5 books a month!  Who has that time? You do! Download an audio-book, chuck it on while your stuck in traffic, that way you have no excuse to stop learning.

3. Sing a tune – A classic but, we are all guilty of this. Singing releases endorphins which reduces stress, so it’s a win-win. What better way to start the day?

  1. Lay off the road rage – Yes it is true that you indicate for everyone but nobody indicates for you. However, let’s keep up the team mentality from COVID and remember that everyone is human. (But please indicate, it is annoying when you don’t) 

  1. Try some deep breathing exercises – Recent studies have shown that deep breathing is one of our easiest, most convenient and natural tools to combat issues like stress and anxiety, reduce pain, high blood pressure and even aid in digestion.

Stay safe on the roads team, and maybe try something new next time you’re stuck in traffic. It might just spice up your morning!