Meet Sasha — The king of hustle.

We want to introduce a few of our great people working hard to get My Auto Shop off the ground. First cab off the rank is Sasha:

Sasha is the king of hustle and communication. He is often juggling many balls effortlessly, with a phone in one hand and keyboard in the other. He makes sure our drivers, customers and garages all know what happening everyday. Fortunately, being an engineer, he is able to bring method to the madness.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hey there! I’m Sasha, a Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Auckland. While born in raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I come from a Russian and American background. Currently I am learning to speak Russian to connect more with my heritage.

What interests you about this industry?

Getting involved in a business like My Auto Shop has always been a dream of mine. I want to solve real problems for real people and to build great products with great teams, so I can have a real positive impact on the world, one interaction at a time. I am an enthusiastic learner who has a deep interest and a passion for emerging technology.

What do you do at My Auto Shop?

I wear many hats and help the wheels go round. I run the operations behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly for all aspects of the business. You can find me behind the desk, phone in hand organizing logistics and operations to ensure everyone knows what they are doing.

What were you doing before this?

Still as a student, I was spending majority of my time spread between studying and sports. I currently am, and still studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. Throughout the year, I have tried my hand in various start-up competitions such as Velocity Entrepreneurship to help feed my interests.

What does your weekend normally look like?

Behind a camera snapping photos or behind a piano, playing baseball, and having good times with my mates. Exploring Auckland and its wonderful scenic are also common.

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