Meet Our Founder: Andy Bowie

Andy is a bundle of energy, often seen bouncing from task to task and struggling to sit still. He is the guy building the business, brand and relationships whilst trying not to get distracted by the surf, snow or wind report!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Andy. I was raised in Auckland, before heading off to chase winters all over the world, throwing myself off jumps and down half-pipes. Whilst I’m now back in the city (and able to get a tan again), the enthusiasm for trying something new, and a little crazy, hasn’t disappeared. I’m an ‘off the chart’ extrovert who loves meeting and working with new people. Please say hi!

Why did you start My Auto Shop?

After spending close to 5 years building some pretty cool global companies, I felt it was time to try it myself. I was looking at a bunch of different industries and quickly realised that vehicle maintenance was stuck in the past. It felt like the right time to bring it into the future. You can read more about that journey here.

What were you doing before this?

After chasing winters around the world competing and running my own coaching businesses, I moved back to Auckland. There I spent time in couple of sales roles with Frontside Media and Facebook, before becoming one of the team to start Uber in NZ. I held roles in marketing and operations in both NZ and Singapore at Uber, then finally as Country Manager for Uber Eats New Zealand until October 2019.

What does your weekend normally look like?

Other than trying to grow My Auto Shop further, I’ll be found out on my little yacht sailing, under a rally car that I built with my Dad, or trying to hunt some waves or powder, depending on the season.

Tell us something fascinating about yourself?

I once crossed the US/Mexico border 3 times in 1 hour whilst on a surf trip in what turned out to be a stolen car (that we found out after we bought it!)

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